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Diet Tracker v1.01

Diet Tracker v1.01

Excel file for managing your diet

1. Automatically track the following body composition calculations:

- Body fat percentage

- Amount of body fat

- Amount of lean mass


2. Automatically calculate the macronutrients recommended for your body composition

  • Software Usage Agreement

    This agreement is non-transferable based on the following provisions to the customer (hereinafter referred to as B) who uses the software provided by the sole proprietorship of Tokyo Titan. This agreement stipulates the conditions for granting non-exclusive usage rights to the User.

    Article 1 (Definition)

    · The software products provided together with this agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Software Product") refer to the computer programs, documents and all other files contained in this medium or the provided compressed files. This includes improved versions of the Software Product that may be provided through certain services designated by Tokyo Titan.

    · "Use" means installing this Software Product on a storage device or memory of a computer, or executing it on a CPU.

    · "Installation" means copying the Software Product to a hard disk drive or similar storage device in an executable manner.

    Article 2 (Intellectual Property Rights and Ownership)

    · All intellectual property rights and ownership, including copyright, for the media on which this software product is recorded, and all subsequent copies of this software product belong to Tokyo Titan, regardless of the form or medium of the original or copy.

    · Tokyo Titan does not assign any rights to the Software Product to the User.

    Article 3 (License Conditions)

    · The User may use the Software Product by installing all or part of the Software Product on the User's computer.

    Article 4 (Prohibited Matters)

    · The User may not assign, sell, sublease, or create derivative works of this product in whole or in part to a third party without the prior written consent of Tokyo Titan for any reason.

    · The User may not modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, translate, adapt, etc., all or part of this Software Product, either directly or through a third party.

    · The User may not remove the copyright notice, trademark registration, etc. that are displayed on this Software Product or that are displayed during its operation, nor shall the User make it difficult to see.

    · The User may not copy the manual included in this software product, regardless of whether it is paper media and electronic media, without the prior approval of Tokyo Titan.

    · In the event that the User violates any of the provisions of this clause and causes damage to Tokyo Titan, the User shall be liable for compensation.

    Article 5 (Warranty Scope and Responsibility)

    · Tokyo Titan does not guarantee that this Software Product will operate normally in the operating environment owned by the User.

    · Tokyo Titan may change the specifications of this Software Product without notice and does not guarantee that the function, performance and quality of this Software Product are suitable for the User's specific purpose, whether expressed or implied.

    · Tokyo Titan does not provide any warranty other than those set forth in this Agreement, including the warranty made by distributors and retailers.

    · Tokyo Titan shall not be liable for any damages (including lost income or profits) incurred as a result of use of this Software Product.

    · The preceding paragraphs shall be valid even if Tokyo Titan or its distributor or retailer has previously issued notification for the possibility of damage in the use of this Software Product.

    Article 6 (Contract Period)

    · This agreement shall come into effect from the date when the User installs the software product.

    · The User may cancel this Agreement at any time by destroying the Software Product and any copies of it.

    · Tokyo Titan may terminate this Agreement without prior notice to the User if it is determined that the User is in breach of any provision of this Agreement. When the User receives a notice of contract cancellation from us, the User shall immediately destroy the Software Product and any copies of it at its own expense, and notify Tokyo Titan in writing of the fact of its destruction.

    Article 7 (General Clause)

    This agreement may be modified by a memorandum of understanding signed and stamped by Tokyo Titan and the User. If any part of this Agreement does not comply with the law, that part will be excluded from this Agreement. However, the effect of the remaining provisions shall not be affected in any way.

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