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Lessons can be taken online as well as in Ota-ku, Tokyo

At my personal gym in Ota-ku, Tokyo, you can train both your body and your English conversation skills. This unique service allows you to learn English while training to get the body you admire. Both training and English conversation lessons are tailored to the needs and level of each individual customer, providing a place to learn and git fit even for people with little to no prior experience.

You train and take English conversation lessons at the same time

My unique service in Ota-ku, Tokyo allows you to improve your English conversation skills while training your body. By providing English practice while giving fitness guidance for diet and health, we can effeciently train your body and your language skills at the same time. This service is particularly useful for people with busy schedules because the lessons can be tailored around your lifestyle. If you are interested in improving yourself, please sign up.

I also provide dietary guidance to keep your body healthy and beautiful from the inside. Eating with nutritional balance and calories in mind will making it easier to build muscle and lose weight. As a certified nutritionist, please be assured that your health is always my highest priority, and no unreasonable dietary restrictions will be placed on you. In our lessons, I will also offer guidance throughout your lifestyle to achieve better health.

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Customized training and coaching provided at my personal gym in Ota-ku, Tokyo

My personal gym, located in Ota-ku, Tokyo, is a unique gym where you can train and learn English at the same time. The gym is within walking distance from the nearest station, allowing customer to easily commute after work. The gym is open from 9am to 8pm, so you can make a reservation based on your schedule. I also offer online lessons, providing the same services to people who want to get fit at home. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about the details and prices.

Lessons are fully customized to each person, allowing you to train your body and build up your English conversation skills even in a short time. In addition, I regular post videos about training on YouTube to provide more information on training and health along with your regular lessons.

Efficient lessons with a program tailored to each person

My person gym is perfect for those who want to build the body that suits them and want to gain new knowledge while dieting in less time. At my gym located in Ota-ku, Tokyo and also in the online lessons, I provide a fully customized program that suits your needs and level. The program will also be built based on any additional requests you have, such as more focus on  English conversation, or more focus on dieting.

In addition, I actively provide advice that is difficult to notice when training by yourself, which can only be done by a professional trainer. I can also help on any questions you may have on diet-related concerns and daily eating habits. My personal gym is a safe environment where you can address any your doubts or anxieties you may have about fitness, training, dieting or health. In addition, I regularly post blogs containing useful information on fitness and nutrition.

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