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Tokyo Titan

Bodybuilding Specialist Trainer & Nutritionist

Tokyo Titan provides personal fitness training and diet coaching based on the needs and goals of each person. Lessons are taught at the private gym in Ota-ku, Tokyo and also online, accommodating to even the busiest of schedules. Tokyo Titan also provides dieting and wellness guidance for a better and healthier you to achieve the best "you" that you can be.

ホーム: はじめに


A fitness gym to train your body and your mind.

Lessons can be provided in either Japanese or English.

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Fitness to get the body you admire

Tokyo Titan is a specialist bodybuilding trainer and utilizes bodybuilding techniques to quickly achieve effective results. Each lesson is prepared specifically for the needs and goals of each individual.

Get fit while learning English

Lessons can be provided in either Japanese or English. This style of learning English while training is extremely effective for non-native English speakers who struggle to study. If you want to get fit without AND learn English, then this is the place for you!

Diet coaching and guidance

Nutrition is essential to building a healthy and well-balanced body. Tokyo Titan is an ISSA certified bodybuilding specialist trainer and nutritionist, and will advise you on the foods and ingredients that will maximize the effectiveness of your training.

Customer Testimonials

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S, (male in his 30s)

Until now, I've had a lot of trouble building muscles, and I never thought I would build so much muscle in such a short period of time! Everyone was so surprised when I returned home during the holidays!

Lessons and Coaching

Lessons and diet coaching are competely customized to the needs and goals of each person.

Efficient English conversation lessons and training

90 min personal training

Â¥ 10,000

30 min diet coaching

Â¥ 5,000

10x 90 min training sessions

Â¥ 90,000

20x 90 min training sessions

Â¥ 170,000


Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions.

Is the same training offerred to everyone, or can it be customized?

Lessons are completely customized for each person, based on their needs and goals for their fitness and English skills.

I want to make an online reservation, but I currently don't have any gym equipment. Is this OK?

That is no problem - you don't need gym equipment for the lessons. We can use your bodyweight and items from around your home and still train effectively. If you like, I can also provide you a recommended list of extremely cheap yet effective training equipment you can use in your home.

I want to take the fitness training and diet coaching, but I don't want to practice English. Can I just take the lessons in Japanese.

Yes, lessons can also be provided in Japanese.

Are lessons provided online or in-person?

Lessons are provided both online and in-person at my private gym in Ota-ku, Tokyo. Lessons can also be provided through a hybrid format, combining both online and in-person lessons to suit your needs and busy schedule.


The private gym is easily accessible from the Keikyu Line in Tokyo

Store name: Tokyo Titan

Address: Omorinishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Business hours: 10 am to 8 pm everyday

Nearest station: 4 min walk from Omori-machi Station on the Keikyu Line


If you want to go to the gym AND study English, then let's do both at the same time! Master English while building the body you want at the same time. One-on-one lessons can be provided in-person or online, allowing you to achieve your English and fitness goals in a way that suits your needs and busy schedule.

About Us

Get in shape and practice your English skills at the same time at my private gym.

Customized training to achieve your ideal body

Struggling to get a diet that works for you? Or maybe you are struggling to see results in the gym? I am an ISSA certified trainer and develop a personalized training schedule and diet for you to effectively and efficiently achieve the body you want. Let me know your c your goals, and we will work together to make them a reality.
Unlike at commercial gyms, at my personal gym, customers can concentrate on their one-on-one training without the need to feel self-conscious. We also offer online lessons for customers who have difficulty attending in-person, so that even people who are busy with work or family life can participate. I will help you to see results in your fitness and health in just a short amount of time.

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Practice English conversation while building the body you want

Did you know that it is said that it is more efficient to memorize and study while moving your body than just sitting down? Exercise has the added benefit of activating the brain, so studying while moving is good for improving thinking and memory. If you want to learn English efficiently, try our unique service that allows you to learn English while doing fitness training. I am a bilingual Japanese and native-English personal trainer, so you can practice English conversation lessons while enjoying training.
Each training lessons is set according to the nees and goals of each person, so it is especially effective for people who are not good at strenuous exercise or who want to concentrate on their diet. We will support you so that you can continue training and studying English without difficulty. We also offer diet and nutrition coaching for those who serious about building their ideal body. No matter how hard you train, without good eating habbits, it will be difficult to achieve your ideal body. I will help you to achieve your ideal body by building a diet plan that builds and strengthens your body from the inside.

Tokyo Titan

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For those who are busy every day or who want to exercise and study efficiently, I have developed a service that allows you to learn English conversation while training your body. Why not you improve your English skills while exercising and working on your fitness? I am an ISSA-certified elite trainer with a bachelor of education in linguistics and English, so you can train while practicing your English. If you are interested, please send an inquiry through the button below.

I run a personal gym in Ota-ku, Tokyo. Lessons require a reservation and are customized to each individual. Online lessons are also available, so if you would like to take lessons and train while practicing English conversation at home, please let us know. I will get in touch with you and ask you about your English and fitness needs and goals to develop the best lessons for you.

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