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About Tokyo Titan

◆ ISSA Elite Trainer

・ ISSA certified bodybuilding specialist

・ ISSA Certified Dietitian

・ ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

◆ Bachelor of Education in Linguistics, Japanese and English Studies

I am an English native Japanese bilingual personal trainer with a
Bachelor of Education in Linguistics, Japanese and English Studies from the University of Adelaide, and a Bachelor of Education in Bodybuilding from the International Sports Science Association.
While previously working as a Japanese-English translator and interpreter for 10 years, I have also guided many customers through their fitness and diet journeys to achieve the body they want.
From my own experience, I found that it is more effective to learn a language from life and activities than to study, which is how the concept of Tokyo Titan was born.

Let's build the body you want While building up your English conversation skills!

Tokyo Titan Avatar.jpg
トレーナー: トレーナーについて

In addition to teaching English conversation and fitness, I strive to provide mental and lifestyle support to each customer. Each lesson is designed to suit your needs and goals. My private gym is located in Ota-ku, Tokyo, where you can devote yourself to training and English conversation lessons without having to feel self-conscious. The gym is within walking distance from the nearest station, making it very accessible.

I am a certified bodybuilding specialist trainer and nutritionist, and can provide the optimal advice for each person's physical condition. In addition, I also provide dietary guidance to cusotmers who want to work on their diet and building their body. Together, we will plan a diet for you that will achieve a healthy and fit body, while considering calorie and nutritional balance, allowing you to change your eating habits without any unreasonable restrictions.

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