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Why you won't lose weight doing aerobic exercie

Have you ever experienced this? You start running and lose weight at first, but halfway through, your bodyweight plateaus.

Aerobic exercise is not suited to fat loss

Many people begin doing aerobic exercise to lose weight, but aerobic exercise is actually not suited for weight loss. Regardless of the type of exercise, your body adapts in order to improve at that form of exercise. For example, in the case of running, your body slows down its metabolism and reduces the amount of fat and muscle it has in order to run faster and longer. As a result, in order to keep losing weight, you need to keep increasing the speed and distance that you run. Also, because the anount of muscle you have decreases, there is a limit to how much you can decrease your bodyfat. When you reach that limit, even if your bodyweight decreases, you will not look any skinner.

Fat loss? Try anaerobic exercise

In fact, anaerobic exercise is better suited for fat loss than aerobic exercise. In order to become better at anaerobic exercise, your body increases its muscle while also speeding up its metabolism. As a result of this, even when losing fat through diets, you can consume more calories than you otherwise would have been, which could mean that you could easily lose weight while still eating the things you like.

Need help achieving your fat loss goals? Try Tokyo Titan!

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