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Stop lifting weights at night!

Most people do weight lifting at night. However, in many cases, this has an adverse effect.

When you try to incorporate training without making any major changes to your lifestyle, training tends to be done at night. You have time after work, so your plan is to do some weight lifting, eat dinner, and then go to bed. While training at night does have some benefits, such as relieving stress that has built up from work, it has the following problems.

Why liting weights at night is not recommended

  1. It impacts your sleep

  2. It has low continuity

  3. Your power output is low

It impacts your sleep

Your autonomic nervous system is controlled by various interactions that occur within the body. Of these, there are two main nervous systems: the sympathetic nervous sytem (SNS), and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). Simply put, the SNS is the system that allows you to exhibit all your strength, and the PNS is the system that helps your body to recover. When you train hard, especially when you perform anaerobic exercise, the SNS activates. When you lift weights at night, even when it is time to sleep, your SNS is still activated, preventing your PNS from funcitoning properly.

It has low continuity

Night-time training is most easily impacted by your schedule. When there are sudden changes, such as having to work overtime, it will almost always require you to reschedule your training. Also, even if your day proceeds as planned, you may have low motivation due to being tired or stressed from work, making it more likely that you will skip training.

Your power outputis low

Your body has what is called a circadian rhythm. Simply put, this is your body's daily cycle. We repeat a daily cycle of being awake and asleep thanks to the circadian rhythm. Because of this, at night time, your body starts to prepare itself for sleep. However, these changes in your body cause your power output to decrease.

Based on the three reasons above, I do not recommend trainign at night. However, the most effective trainining is the training that you can keep doing. If training at night is more likely to continue within your schedule, then it could very well be better for you to train at night.

Personalized training programs optimized for each individual

At Tokyo Titan, we provide the optimal training program for each client, helping to balance both lifestyle and training. Training is offered in two formats: in-person lessons, and homework, where the client performs the training program that has been set for them in their own time. Furthermore, in-person lessons can also be provided at our fitness gym in Ota-ku, and also online, allowing clients to choose the format that best suits their schedule. If you are interested, please feel free to inquire.

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