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Iron Man Superhero Workout: Get Fit and Strong at Home With Your Kids! Personal Trainer Tokyo Titan

Welcome to our Ironman themed workout adventure. Today we're going to channel our inner Iron Man and train to become strong and unstoppable, just like Tony Stark himself.

This work outcan be done by kids and adults. So let's put on our power suits and get ready for an incredible workout.


Before we put our power suits on, let's do some energizing exercises to warm up our bodies. Remember, it's important to warm up to prevent injuries and get our bodies ready for the workout.

Repulsor Blaster Arm Circles

Extend your arms. Imagine you're shooting repulsor blasts out your hands and rotate your hands forwards in small circles. After we've done ten of them, backwards for another ten.

Flight Launch Jumping Jacks

Stand with your feet close together. Start with your hands down to the side and jump your legs out. As you do, raise your hands up and then jump them all back in. As you jump in, imagine that you're taking off and flying in the air. Let's do 15 of these.

Main Workout

Now that we're warmed up, it's time for the main event. These exercises will challenge your strength, agility and endurance.

Jarvis, Initiate training program.

Repulsor Blaster Squats

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, squat down, and as you come up, imagine you're activating your repulsor blasters in your hands to give yourself an extra boost up. Let's do 15 of these.

Repulsor Slams

Extend your hand. As you do, activate your repulsor blaster in your palm and slam it into the bad guy. Then swap hands, activate your repulsor blaster, slamming it into the bad guy again. Let's do 30 of these.

Rocket Propulsion Lunges

Standing on one leg, lift the other leg up lower back behind you, lower down and stop just before your knee touches the ground. Then activate your rocket thrusters in your other leg, the one that's supporting you and push up back quickly. Then swap legs, do the same thing again. Let’s do ten of these on each leg.

Mid-Air Push-Ups

If you're a child, or if you're an adult and don't have the strength yet, you can do this from your knees. Prepare two stacks of objects on the floor. We're going to be using plates today, but you can use things like books, things that are around the house. Get into a push-up position on your stack of objects. Just like a normal push up, you're going to go down, but instead you're going to lower down, even lower than the supporting objects and back up. Let's do ten of these.

Deflector Planks

If you're a child, or you're an adult and you don't have the strength yet, you can do this exercise from your knees. Assume a plank position and imagine that bad guys are shooting up at you as you're flying overhead. We're going to support ourselves using one hand, raise the other hand up to deflect the shots back down at them, and then swap hands to deflect as they shoot up at us again. Let’s do ten of these on each side.


Great job, heroes. Now let's cool down and recharge our suits.

Arc Reactor Chest Stretches

Interlace your hands behind your head. Slowly turn your hands to face upwards and stretch your arms out. Hold this stretch for 20 seconds.

Flight Landing Leg Stretches

Sit down on the floor. Stretch one leg out in front of you, your other leg, the sole of your foot against your inner thigh. Stretch out with your hand and touch your toes on your extended leg. Hold this for 20 seconds then swap to the other leg.

Great job, heroes. You’ve completed our Iron Man themed superhero workout. We hope you've had a blast training with us today.

Want to build the body of a superhero? Contact Tokyo Titan!

I am Tokyo Titan, an internationally-certified bodybuilding specialist personal trainer and nutritionist. Using bodybuilding techniques, together we will create the body that you want more effectively and more efficiently. Lessons are provided in three formats:

  1. Online

  2. in-person at my private gym in Ota-ku, Tokyo, a few minutes walk from Omori-machi Station on the Keikyu Line

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Customers can choose either lesson style or a combination of both to suit their preferences and schedule. As a bilingual Japanese native English speaker, I can provide lessons in either Japanese or English, allowing customers to train both their bodies and their language skills at the same time. For more information, inquire today!


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