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How To Do A Front Squat Like A Pro! (With Just 1 Tip!)

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

The front squat can be a pretty intimidating lift. Of all the exercises that focus primarily on the quads, it's the most effective. But a lot of people avoid it because they find it intimidating and they really struggle with the grip. So today I'm going to share a really easy tip that'll get you a front squat grip perfect.

For a lot of people, because they struggle with the Olympic grip in a front squat, they end up doing what's called the bodybuilder grip. This is a huge mistake. As someone who's trying to build muscle, I know hearing the phrase “bodybuilding grip” sounds like you should be doing it. It's mostly used to mock bodybuilders who can't do the Olympic grip. With the bodybuilding grip, instead of holding the bar with your hands, you support the bar with your arms and shoulders by folding your arms over the bar.

But as we all know, the shoulders are one of the weakest body parts. Very quickly, that weight from the front squat will become too heavy for your shoulders. So on a leg exercise, your shoulders become the limiting factor. That is extremely unfortunate. In order to very easily achieve a perfect Olympic grip on the front squat, keep those elbows up as high as possible.

That is it. It's as simple as that. By remembering to keep those elbows up as high as possible, not only will it stabilize the bar and feel more comfortable, it'll also perfect your posture. Very soon, you'll easily be pumping up front squat reps and laughing at how difficult you used to find them.

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