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Face Pulls: Cable Machine Exercise for Boulder Shoulders! Personal Trainer Tokyo Titan

Note: Click the link below for a video which covers the same content.

What makes the face pull so effective is that you need to pull your shoulder muscles backwards, which is not an action you do in any other isolation exercises. For the majority of shoulder exercises, it's an up or down motion where you push the weight up and bring it back down. Then, of course, we have the side raise, which requires you to rotate your shoulders up on the side. And of course, we have the front raise, which requires you to rotate the shoulders forwards and up.

The cable face pull is one of my favorite shoulder exercises, and just thinking off the top of my head, I can only think of a total of four shoulder cable exercises. Obviously, you're going to need a cable machine to do this exercise. If you workout at a commercial gym then hopefully your gym has one. If you have a home gym, then hopefully you have a cable pulley system like mine.

Let's do some cable face pulls!

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