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Dumbbell Hammer Curl: One Simple Tip to Thicker Arms! Personal Trainer Tokyo Titan

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While technically classified as a biceps exercise, the hammer curl does something so much more important than just train the biceps. It also trains the brachialis muscle, which is located in the arm between the biceps and the triceps. Training and building the brachialis causes it to push out against the bicep and tricep, which is going to be really effective in building some thick arms. This exercise is very easy to do in a home gym because you can do it with dumbbells or in my case, with powerblocks. The hammer curl is performed just like a bicep curl, except instead of using an underhand grip, your palms are in facing towards your body. For the frequency of this exercise, let's say you do two bicep exercises per week. Every second month, I recommend making one of those exercises the hammer curl. This will help achieve balanced growth between the biceps and the brachialis. Let's do some hammer curls!

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