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Buy, Consider or Avoid? Home Gym & Garage Gym Reiews: Ab Wheel Roller | Personal Trainer Tokyo Titan

There are many products available for home gyms and garage gyms, so it can be hard to know which ones you should buy. In this tiny room in a small house in the middle of Tokyo, I’ve collected a lot of training equipment and built quite an impressive home gym. In this series, I’m going to review all the home gym products I’ve purchased based on cost, effectiveness, versatility, and practicality, and tell you which products you should buy, which products you should consider, and which products you should avoid.


  • Cost

  • Effectiveness

  • Versatility

  • Practicality

  • The Verdict


The ab wheel roller. With the goal of building ripped abs, in Japan, this is often the first home gym product that people buy. At around ¥1,500, this is one of the cheapest home gym products you can buy, so for cost, I rate it 5 stars.


When performed correctly, the ab wheel roll is the best core exercise. If you want to build up your abs, this is the exercise that will do it. So for effectiveness, I rate it 5 stars.


The exercises you can do with an ab wheel roller are restricted to, well, ab wheel rolls. And of course ab wheel roll variations. Granted, it is effective for training your core, but it’s a one-trick pony. So for versatility, I rate it 1 star.


The ab wheel roller is extremely light and extremely compact, so it is very easy to store and very easy to move around. However, for many beginners, they might not be strong enough yet to perform ab wheel rolls, even from the knees. So for practicality, I rate it 4 stars.

The Verdict

These are the results for the ab wheel roller, but now it’s time for the big question: Should you buy it, should you consider it, or should you avoid it? It’s cheap, it’s effective, and unless you’re a beginner, it’s very practical. I’m giving this product the green light. The ab wheel roller is a product you should buy. It’s cheap, effective, and unless you’re a complete beginner, very practical.

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I am a native English speaker and am bilingual in Japanese, and can provide lessons in either English or Japanese. Lessons can also be designed to help English learners build up their English skills while training as a more efficient way to learn English. Please inquire for more details.

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