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The Importance of Dynamic Stretching Before Exercise | Personal Trainer Tokyo Titan

If you are reading this, please reconsider stretching before exercise. Recent research has shown that traditional static stretching can be risky, especially before strength training. Instead, it's recommended to incorporate dynamic stretching before your workout. Let's delve into why dynamic stretching is essential.

Risks of Static Stretching

In the past, it was common to perform static stretches, where you hold a position for a prolonged period, before exercise. However, recent studies suggest that static stretching can temporarily weaken muscles and increase the risk of injury, particularly before activities like weightlifting. Static stretches can over-relax muscles and potentially decrease performance.

Benefits of Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching, unlike static stretching, involves continuous movement. It helps warm up your muscles, increase joint range of motion, and improve performance. Moreover, it reduces the risk of injury and enhances muscle flexibility.

Examples of dynamic stretches before exercise include:

  • Light jogging or high knees

  • Large arm circles

  • Dynamic hip stretches

These dynamic stretches activate your muscles and enhance blood circulation. It's recommended to spend about 10 minutes performing these stretches before your workout.

In Conclusion

Let's reconsider the approach to stretching before exercise. Dynamic stretching is effective in reducing the risk of injury and improving performance. Given the potential risks of static stretching, incorporating dynamic stretches before your workout can lead to a safer and more effective training session.

If you're looking for support in your fitness and exercise journey, Tokyo Titan, a personal trainer in Ota-ku, is here to help. We're dedicated to optimizing your training and supporting a healthy lifestyle. Feel free to reach out for guidance.


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