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Singular or Plural? Advanced English Grammar | Personal Trainer Tokyo Titan | Ota-ku, Tokyo

Advanced English question: Have you ever seen the following grammar structure?

This group of products is very popular with university students.

Directly after the plural "students", the third-person singular "is" has been used. The first time you saw it, you probably thought it was a mistake. Many people get confused by this, but in this case, using the third-person singular "is" is correct. It may seem strange with "is" coming directly after the plural "products". Let's have a look at why this happens.

By adding the modifier "group of" to the noun "products", "group" becomes the subject. In other words, the grammar that affects the phrase "group of products" becomes entirely dependent on the word "group", and "of products" is now just additional information to further explain "group". Because "group" is singular, it means the third-person singular "is" is used. However, if this phrase was "groups of products" and the plural "groups" was used, then the third-person plural "are" would be correct.

This is advanced English grammar, so it may be a little confusing at first. But if you are able to master this grammar, it will greatly improve your English abilities.

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