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Road to Best Home Gym Cable System: The Final Challenge

Over the years, I've gradually made my own modifications to how I use my home gym cable pulley system to get the most use out of it. However, there is still one remaining issue that I want to fix. It's probably easier just to set it up and show you. Let's do that.

Explanation of Current Setup

Currently this is the best setup that I've achieved for my home gym cable system. Having this set up like this with, first of all, one pulley, then an extending cable going through a second pulley which is secured by an anchor into the door, an anchor, by the way, made for training bands, it means I can, for example, do something like a bicep curl, and then quickly put that down, disconnect this, take the handle off the extending cable, put that on here, and now I can go into something like a tricep pushdown.

The Problem

However, there is still one remaining issue with this cable system. Can you see it? Right now, this weight moves around quite a bit. Something like this is not too bad. But on the low setting particularly, because of the way it's set up, that weight swings around a bit. You can see it there. Not so bad in something like this, but let's say, for example, I want to do cable crossovers.

Now, all of a sudden, in an exercise like this, you’ll notice that weight is moving around a lot. And so eventually that will swing and bump into the pulley. It didn't do it today because the weight is so heavy, but that will interrupt my training a little bit and lose the effect.

I want to make it so this weight moves as vertical as possible, just going up and down, much like an actual cable machine you'd find in a commercial gym. I have a few ideas for that, but I would like to get some ideas from you guys as well. In the comments, if you've got a great suggestion for how I might fix this and improve that so it only goes up and down, then please let me know. I want to try and get as many ideas as possible and try the ones that I think are most realistic, most practical, and hopefully come back eventually with the ideal, perfect solution so that this is exactly like a cable machine system you'd find in a commercial gym.

If I can do that, then this will be by far the most ideal cable pulley system for a home gym and will have no difference between the workouts that I can do in a commercial gym and my home gym.


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