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Resistance Band Cable Chop: Added Resistance Abs Workout | Ota-ku Personal Trainer Tokyo Titan

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Let's be honest, when it comes to ab exercises, there are not a lot of options. And when it comes to home gyms, those options are even more limited. Most of the exercises you do for abs will be bodyweight exercises, so it's going to be very difficult to add resistance. Plus, if you're like me, ab bodyweight exercises are not really a lot of fun. But there is an excellent way you can do added resistance ab exercises in a home gym, and that is with resistance bands.

There's a number of different ab exercises you can do with resistance bands, but my favorite of all has to be the chop. While technically classified as an ab exercise, the chop actually doesn't train the abs, but it trains the obliques, which are just here and here. They have the very important role of stabilizing your torso while lifting heavy weights or twisting. So training your obliques not only improves your physique, but it also stops you from injuring yourself. Especially in other exercises like the squat, where you have to brace your core, by training your obliques, you'll be much safer. Plus, also, there's a good chance the weight you could do will increase. Plus, cable chops and band chops look absolutely badass when you're doing them.

To do the band chop, obviously, you will need some bands. You can wrap the bands around a power rack or a pole, but I recommend using a door. It's much safer and much more effective. In order to attach the bands to the door, you're going to need a very specific band attachment, an anchor. To make it easier to hold the bands in your hand, you're going to need some handle attachments designed specifically for bands.

Notice how I put the anchor on the side of the door that has the hinge. This is the most secure, this is the safest way to attach the anchor to the door. If you use the bands with the anchor on the handle side of the door or even on the top of the door, you could damage the door, you could injure yourself. There's just so many risks, so don't do it. Always put your anchor on the hinge side of the door. You can, however, adjust the height, much like a cable machine. All you need to do is open the door, slide the anchor up, and you're done. It's even easier than a cable machine.

All right, let's do some band chops!

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