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Incredible Hulk Superhero Workout: Get Strong at Home With Your Kids! Personal Trainer Tokyo Titan

Welcome to our Hulk themed superhero workout. Get ready to transform into the Incredible Hulk in this epic fitness journey designed to build strength and unleash your inner beast.


Before we go full Hulk mode, let's get our blood pumping and warm up our muscles.

Thunderclap Jumping Jacks

Stand with your feet close together. Start with your hands at your sides. Jump your legs out, raise your hands up, and as you do, do a thunderclap, then jump back in. Let's do 20 of these.

Skyscraper Climbers

Get down on the floor in a plank position. If you're a child or an adult and you don't have the strength yet, you can do this from a high plank position, but I’ll be doing this in the low plank position. Using your right knee, raise it up to your chest, back down, then swap sides. Let’s do ten of these on each side.

Main Exercises

Now that we're all warmed up, it's time to Hulk out. Let's smash through these main exercises and unleash the inner hero.

Hulk Smash Squats

For this exercise and a lot of the exercises in this workout, we’ll be using added resistance. You can use things that are in the house like books, or if you've got a home gym like us, you can use barbell plates or you can use dumbbells, or in our case, powerblocks.

Note: When choosing a weight, always go on the lighter side to be safe, especially for kids.

Grip your added resistance. Hug it tight, stand with our feet shoulder width apart, and we're going to hinge at the hips, squat down, jump and smash. Let's do eight of these.

Thunderclap Push-Ups

If you're a child or you're an adult and you don't have the upper body strength yet, that's okay. You can do this exercise from the knees. Let's get down on the floor in a push-up position. We're going to go down and do a push-up and explode up, clap, catch ourselves. Let's do eight of these.

Gammer Glute Thrusts

Again, for this exercise, we're going to be using added resistance, so I'm going to grab a powerblock. Grab your added resistance, lie down on the floor with knees bent. Place your added resistance on your hips, hold it still and raise your hips up, then back down. Let's do eight of these.

Mighty Car Raises

Have you ever wanted to lift up a car? Now you can in this exercise. This exercise is going to use added resistance. We're going to need two objects of equal weight. Fortunately, I have powerblocks. Let's go grab them.

Lift your objects up. Start here at chest height, palms facing forwards with the objects in front of us. Brace at the core, raise up, lift the car above your head, then back down. Let's do eight of these.

Rage Rows

This exercise, we’ll also be using added resistance, and with a heavier weight, your face should naturally turn into one of rage. If you're a child or you're someone using a lighter weight, maybe it won't happen naturally, but feel free to rage out with us. Let's go grab our powerblocks. Again, you'll need two objects of equal weight for this one.

Hinge at the hips and bend over. Hold on very tightly to your weights and lift them up to your chest, then back down. Let's do eight of these.


Now that we’ve finished the main exercises, it's time to cool down and tame the Hulk within.

Gamma Stretch

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Raise your hands up straight high above your head and bend over at the side. You should really feel a stretch in your obliques. Hold this for 20 seconds, then swap to the other side.

Hulk Hold

For this exercise, we're going to have to hold in the Hulk, tame the beast, and slowly transform back into Bruce Banner. Get down on the floor, lying on your back. Start with your hands by your side. Raise your leg up and really hug your knee in close to your chest. Hold this for 20 seconds, then swap to the other side.

Congratulations on completing our Hulk themed superhero workout. You've tapped into the strength of the Incredible Hulk and built some serious muscle power.

Are you striving to attain a superhero-like physique? Look no further than Tokyo Titan!

I am Tokyo Titan, an internationally recognized certified fitness trainer and nutritionist specialized in bodybuilding. Together, we will employ effective bodybuilding techniques to efficiently sculpt your desired physique.

Lessons are available in three formats:

  1. Online sessions

  2. In-person training at my private gym situated in Ota-ku, Tokyo, just a short stroll from Omori-machi Station on the Keikyu Line

  3. In-person sessions at a location of your convenience

You have the freedom to select the lesson style or combine different formats according to your preferences and schedule.

As a bilingual trainer fluent in both Japanese and English, I can provide instruction in either language, allowing you to improve your physical fitness and language proficiency concurrently. Feel free to contact me today for further details!


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