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If you have muscle soreness, you're training too hard! Personal Trainer Tokyo Titan

"If you're muscles aren't sore, you're not training hard enough."

"If you can't walk the next day, then it means your training was really effective."

You've probably heard someone say this at some point. But actually, this way of thinking is wrong. If you have muscle soreness that is so bad that you can't lift your arms or can't walk properly, you've done too much damage to the muscles. When this happens, your muscles won't grow as quickly and it will slow down your fat loss.

Furthermore, because it takes even longer to recover, it impacts your next training session, or even forces changes to your training schedule, not just reducing the effect you gain from that training, but future training, too.

When it comes to muscle soreness from training, the amount of pain is key. Doing too much is not good, but of course, having no pain at all means it is likely that you haven't maximized the effects of training. If you feel a little bit of pain the next day, just enough to remember that you worked out the previous day, then it is just right. This amount will have no negative impact on your next training while also maximizing muscle growth and fat loss.

For Effective Training, Contact Tokyo Titan

I am Tokyo Titan, an ISSA certified bodybuilding specialist personal trainer and nutritionist. Through utilizing bodybuilding techniques, we will achieve the body you want in half the time. Lessons are provided at my personal gym, located in Ota-ku, Tokyo, and also online, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your schedule and location. Contact me today to kickstart your fitness journey.


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