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BEST CALF LIFT YOU'RE NOT DOING! Home Gym OR Fitness Gym | Personal Trainer Tokyo Titan

Updated: May 1, 2023

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Calves are probably the most difficult body part to train in a home gym. Doing bodyweight and dumbbell exercises gets too light way too quickly. Of course, there is the option of using a barbell, but very quickly it gets heavy and becomes unsafe to do. But about three months ago, when I was very frustrated at not being able to do effective calf training, I had an epiphany.

As well as being a really safe way of loading up the calves, this is also an extremely effective exercise. I found the burn and also the muscle mind connection in my calves for this exercise to be the best. No other exercise has come even close. And since I started doing this exercise, I noticed of my calves growing at a much faster rate.

If you work out in a home gym, start doing this exercise. Heck, if you work out in a commercial gym, you need to be doing this exercise. In order to do very effective calf training in your home gym, you're going to need to use the barbell combined with resistance bands. By using the resistance bands together with the barbell, you can keep the weight on the barbell quite light whilst adding a large load.

The exercise we'll be doing is the seated barbell calf raise with resistance bands. In order to do this exercise, you'll need a bench to sit on, and in addition to the barbell plates you'll be using on the barbell, you’ll need one additional barbell plate on the floor to pin down the resistance band.

You'll also need to place the front of your foot on this plate and keep your heels off the ground. This makes the exercise more effective. I recommend using the ten kg plate, as it's the ideal size for both the band and also resting the front part of your foot on. With the band pinned down by the plate, loop the band around either end of the barbell.

Between sets, always keep the barbell on the ground. This is for safety, but also, with a resistance band pulling down on the barbell, it digs the barbell into your legs, which can get quite uncomfortable. So when starting a set, stand on the plate, deadlift the barbell up, and still while standing on the plate, sit back down on the bench.

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